Summer Harvest Château La Tulipe de la Garde 2012

Fired up by the success of the summer harvest 2010 and 2011, we’re going to work again with a Dutch pickers crew. But this year we invite English pickers to join us.

For week 28, from July 8th till July 14th, we need 25 hard workers to give us a hand.

You'll arrive at sunday afternoon the 8th of July; we'll work 5 days and you'll leave at saturday morning the 14th of July.

The work consists of pruning the surplus grapes and leafs. The pay is made up of a stay in your own tent/caravan in the chateau park, a not uncommon aching back and the eternal gratitude of wineboer.
You’ll be fed by the three-star castle-cook Bernard and every night we’ll break open our private wine cellar.

This is the scenario: at the break of dawn we start working, with the birds chirping and the sun shining, either in the vineyards and we continue until noon. At that time we stroll back to the chateau, were we’ll find a delicious lunch prepared by three-star castle-cook Bernard. At the long table we’ll dig in and enjoy our gourmet lunch and rest until the bell rings. Then the entire troupe heads back to the vineyards for second part of the working day. When this is done we can relax, swim and enjoy ourselves until it is time for the Grand Diner; a range of mouthwatering dishes accompanied by few great wines. Eat, drink, laugh, dance and love into the deep of night, when we, satisfied and beaming with pride, turn in for the night.

Sing up quickly because the harvest will be upon us in the blink of an eye and we only need 25 grape pickers.




Copy the questions listed below into an email, fill them in and sent it to druivenplukken@tulipe.nl
Attach a good picture of yourself and you’ll be hearing from us soon.


Yes, I’d like to come break my back during the summer harvest from July 8th to 14nd.

Name: ___________________________________________________________________________(m/f)

Street: ______________________________________________________________________________

Postcode: _________________________City:________________________________________

Age: _____________________________________________________________________________

Occupation: _____________________________________________________________________________

E-mail: _____________________________________________________________________________

Telephone: ____________________________________________________________________________


Motivation: ___________________________________________________________________________

Experience: ___________________________________________________________________________

Physical condition: _____________________________________________________________________

And this is my picture: (attach)

The dates aren’t set in stone just yet so they could be altered.

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