Detailed results of the Slurp!-research

The Problem
Slurping is seen and belonging to the category of ‘undesired bodily sounds’ like burping and worse. In the upbringing of most people it is seen as ‘not done’ and therefore prohibited from a young age.

1,900 women and men participated to this research which was done during the first half of November 2009

when we look at the answers we see the following resolution:
Three quarters of those questioned never slurps.
The majority of those questioned finds slurping offensive and dislikes of the sound.
They presume that slurping does not accompany wine.
Only 18% thinks that one should slurp
Only 9% slurps wine in a restaurant

These are desperate times for the experience of taste in The Netherlands. In the battle for shelve space wine makers world wide try to make the best wines, but three quarters of those with love and passion produced wines disappear down the throat
leaving hardly even a hint of taste.
In stead of the planned VAT increase on wine, there should be a subsidy for nation wide slurp-education.

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Results of the nationwide Slurp!-Research

1. do you ever slurp?
(1,886 participants)
27%     Never in company.
25%     Only hot soup.
28%     Yes, loudly and without embarrassment.
21%     No, never.

Three quarters of those questioned never slurp wine.
Only 28% says that they slurp loudly and without embarrassment

2. Do you think that slurping is seen as nasty?

(1.827 participants)
36%     My mother taught me it isn’t proper to slurp.
23%     Yes, I think it makes a rather nasty noise.
22%     Perhaps if it could drown out the sound of the dinner table collapsing, otherwise no.
19%     I have no idea why it would be.

The majority of those questioned finds slurping to be nasty, and believes that the sound is inappropriate.
Only 19% doesn’t frown upon slurping.

3. Did you know that wine tastes better when you slurp?

(1.823 participants)
59%     Yes, when you slurp the wine is effected by the air, enableling you to taste it better.
29%     Perhaps, but you can taste it just fine without all that nasty slurping.
8%      That’s rubbish.
4%      No, I didn’t know that. But intelligence isn’t my best feature.

More than half on those questioned knows that wine tastes better when you slurp.
But more than half of them, while fully aware of this fact, still don’t slurp.’re sitting next to the queen at a royal banquet. A butler fills the Chalices with Château Pétrus 1985. Would you slurp?

(1.807 participants)
42%     Only if the queen also does it.
29%     One should enjoy wine to the fullest, therefore I slurp, any time any place.
           I couldn’t care less about who I’m sitting next to.
22%     Never. I wasn’t raised to be a barbarian.
7%       No, I don’t want to be seen as a chav.

One third of those questioned wouldn’t slurp while drinking Château Pétrus.
71% of those questioned would slurp, if sitting next to the queen, if Pétrus was being served. (provided that the queen is slurping as well)

5. you’re sitting in a restaurant with the love of your life. Candles, gentle music, soft conversation. At the table next to you however, there is someone who, every time you try to take a sip of your wine, slurps in a way that had his glass not been in front of his mouth he would has created a vacuum in the room. What do you do?

(1.797 participants)
77%     I’d ask if his wine tastes good.
9%       I’d be slurping just as much, therefore I don’t notice.
8%       I’d ask the waiter for a different table.
6%       Id ask him if he could leave some air for the rest of us.

Three quarters of those questioned is nice and asks if he like his wine, but doing any slurping themselves
Only 9% would slurp wine in a restaurant.

6. If you’d have to estimate the percentage of people who slurp while drinking wine, would that be: 90%. 50% 20%, or 5%?

(1.805 participants)
43%     20%
38%     5%
16%     50%
  2%     90%

The majority of those questioned assumes that during the drinking of wine there is little to no slurping.

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