Recipe Bernadettes Flan de Campagne

Ingredients for 8 hedonists :

1 liter of whole milk
180g sugar
2 bags of vanilla sugar
120g cornstarch
4 eggs

Mode d’Emploi

Preheat the oven to 200 °C degrees and start beating the eggs in a bowl.

Boil half a liter of milk and stir the vanilla sugar and cornstarch into it.

Heat the normal sugar in a pan until it turns into caramel.

Pour the majority of the caramel into the boiling milk and the rest into a baking mold.

Keep stirring the milk until the caramel dissolves.

Pour the milk & caramel mix in with the eggs (keep stirring).

Pour the new mix into the baking form and add some water for fluffiness.

Side the baking form into the oven and let it bake until the top is gold brown (30 min).

Let it cool off and store it in your fridge.

A good Flan needs to mature for 3 days.

Allez, bon ap!



As these instructions were given in high speed French and above all that the wineboer knows as much about cooking as he does quantum mechanics, we do not take responsibility for any cooking mishaps such as, but not limited to, fire and/or smoke damage, food poisoning, suffocation, swollen legs, diminished sight or otherwise unpleasant physical or mental repercussions of the preparation and/or consumption of the recipe given above.

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